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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hm. Upgrades.

Well, I don't know what hit me, but I'm dead tired, and it's only midnight ... bah. Well, call it a day then. Today hydranode learned the following new tricks:
Other than that, I'v been working on the Client::DownloadInfo and Client::SourceInfo objects separation and handling. While originally Client::DownloadInfo was managing everything, now it will only be loaded when actual data transfering occours, and the rest of the time, only Client::SourceInfo object is kept alive. This is cleaner, and saves a lot of memory when many sources are being handled. However, the new implementation is not yet complete (and I'm too tired to complete it today), so hopefully it can be deployed tomorrow.

Port news
Windows port uses, as we know, MSVC. And the function object's lib the Event Subsystem uses is too old, and breaks on modern MSVC. While I originally thought it only applied to function calls to inside modules, it also breaks on function calls within core. The Event Subsystem has been scheduled for structural redesign anyway, to be based on Boost.Signal instead, so...

For OSX port, modules loading/handling seems to be working fine now, but there are two problems left:
On other news, seems my eDonkey2000 Protocol Specification has drawn some interest - today it was linked from eMule forums :)

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: HydraNode uses port 4663 for ED2K right now to allow co-existing with existing ED2K clients. If you'r getting LowID with hydranode, open up TCP port 4663 in your firewall, or modify TCP Port setting in $(HOME)/.hydranode/ed2k/ed2k.ini file.

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