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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Introducing Event Handling Subsystem version 2 (beta)

'lo and behold - EHSv2 (beta) is here. For those curious ones, here's a set of links to get started:
Note: those are temporary links, don't store 'em anywhere

For those not so curious, the most important requirements for the new version of EHS have been fulfilled - it's completely decoupled from the event source, and is MUCH simpler to use. The test driver shows how events posted from within the object and from outside world can mix w/o any problems, and it's also possible to post events of any type this way.

The new implementation is based on Boost.Signals library as mentioned earlier, and is much simpler too - in original implementation it took ages to get the main loops running ok, while in this case, the gory details are handled by respective Boost libraries (keeping in mind the 2nd commandment :P)

I didn't get to test smart-ptr wrapped pointers yet, but I believe it can be handled with this new approach (I already have few helper methods towards that end in the implementation).

On other notes, I'm beginning to get the feel of win32-based development. Visual Assist X extension for MSVC gives at least some syntax highlighting capabilities for MSVC, altough in complex code, it still falls short of what Kate had to offer :(

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: Someone please tell me there's a free C++ to HTML converter available for win32? E.g. for doing HTML exports with syntax highlighting for posting code on websites/blogs ? Doxygen does it, but that means entire doxygen output must be uploaded, CBuilderX does it, but includes it's own name in the output (ok, fine, I can remove it, but that's not the point). Anything else?

PS2: *doh* For those who haven't heard already, check ... 2 major ed2k sites taken down :(

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