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Friday, December 03, 2004

New sources handling code, website upgrade plans

Yet another development day has reached it's end. It's 5am, by now I'm rather drunk, and frankly I have no idea what to write in today's blog entry. But since this is still "daily" diary, guess I'll have to cook up something.

From code point of view, the following upgrades might be worth mentioning:
Regarding temp files reloading, the current problem is that we need to construct PartData object passing the correct filesize (it is used to initialize the PartData internal FullRangeList objects), however at the time of temp file loading from disk, we do not know the filesize until we actually construct PartData, which in turn reads the filesize from the reference file. This leads to the FullRangeLists initialized with wrong filesize (detected from the actual filesize on disk - which is wrong), and breaks the entire thing. Adjusting the variables in FullRangeLists after we get the right filesize is not allowed by FullRangeList logic (resizing a pending download ??). So we need some PartData reference file changes possibly to be able to read the size from the file before constructing PartData object.

On other news, wubbla wanted to help with upgrading the main website (with the upgrades in blog and forum, the mainpage looks like crap now compared to those two), and arlekin was already doing some gfx stuff for web, so I brought them together. Hopefully they can come up with some cool new website, one being good with web coding, other being a talented designer.

As for myself, I'm dead tired and require sleep, since I'm still only hum ... er cat.

Madcat, ZzZz

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