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Sunday, December 12, 2004

System reinstall ...

Not much to say - I finally decided to reinstall my development box. Had been delaying it for ages now, but some recent things forced me into it now. Anyway, I realized I'v been getting too linux-biased in development orientation, which isn't what we want, since hydranode must run just as well on all platforms. So I spent all night reinstalling my system to windows-based, and by now I have basic stuff up, but still missing lot of dev tools and such.

In any case, I needed a change and refreshment - and radically switching between Linux and Windows every few months very refreshing. In any case, I needed to take my mind off the code issues for a day or perhaps even two anyway - every concept I'v thrown at PartData handling right now has become overly complex (and I'v tried several approaches already), and that's what I'd like to avoid ...

Madcat, ZzZz

So basically what your saying is... you need a geek break and your off to get drunk for a couple of days ?lol
What a senseless posting :|

cya Skw4lker
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