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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Welcome to the new blog :)

Well, here it is - the new and improved blog engine. This thing is powered by Blogger (by Google). It has a nice and cool WYSIWYG editor, which allows doing all kind of cool formatting tricks. The old nucleus broke the damn layout as soon as I tried using even the simple things like preformatted text or lists (even though it allowed full html). So - hopefully the blog posts will now be nicer to read and so on and so forth.

The graphics on this blogs header and forum headers are made by arlekin, who's hopefully becoming our official graphics designer. He's currently working on various hydranode logo concepts and other design/layout-related things.

On the code side, it's been still mainly bugfixing state, downloading capabilities are stressing the existing components more than anything ever did before - and remember - those components have only been tested under lab conditions (e.g. testsuite). So far the bugs I'v encountered have been shallow and easy to fix, but it still takes time to stabilize the entire thing. I haven't added any fancy new stuff to the downloading code right now, but will, shortly. I'v got several ideas how to improve the related API's, which you'll see in the next few days to come.

Until then, enjoy the new blog layout (which is now IE-compatible :D) and the new forum.

Madcat, ZzZz

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