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Monday, December 06, 2004

Will it ever end?


*sighs some more*

I hereby grant thee the right to SHOOT me next time I say "oh, let's write ed2k module first, its easy and I know the protocol".

Sure, yes, the protocol. Normally one would expect that a protocol is something that has been agreed upon to be used as common communication medium between two or more applications. What happens in ed2k network though is that EVERY client speaks a slang of the protocol. Sometimes only the words (e.g. packets) formats differ, but often, even the sentence structures (e.g. which order packets ar sent) differ. For example:
These are only a few examples I'v encountered thus far. The result is I have to write workarounds and compensate for every such situation, which takes ages, and every such workaround opens up more holes in the entire system (since more things need to be checked), destabilizing the system every time I think I got it stable again. *pffft*

Here's the list of today's accomplishments
All in all, it feels like I'm throwing tons and tons of fixes into the ed2k communication system, and nothing gets anywhere - like throwing fixes into an endless pit which never gets fixed. The most frustrating thing is that if the protocol was consistent over clients, I would'v been far done by now with ed2k module, but ... *sighs some more*

Madcat, ZzZz

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