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Monday, January 10, 2005

Delays, delays delays :(

Just figured I'll drop in an explain why there hasn't been much updates past days. Thing is I had set my system up before xmas as purely windows based, with NTFS partitions and all ... and now I'm trying to convert all the stuff to dual-boot win/lin system, which means conversions and linux setups and all ... Bah. This is what you get for having a single box for everything :(

Due to the storms around here, there's been lot of power failures and net outages (30% of estonia was w/o electiricty for a while), so I delayed those partition conversions (losing data because power failure during conversion wouldn't be very nice) ... So anyway, things are stabilizing around here, so I really hope I can get my systems set up properly in a few days tops.

Sorry for all these delays :(


Just an advice: Use two different HDs for dual boot.

Make something like that:
C: - NTFS Windows System (15-20 GB should do)
D: - FAT32 (or NTFS for ro from linux) Windows Data (the rest space - so you can format C: and keep these files:P)
hdc1 - ext3 linux system files (15-20GB - you can test any dist you want here)
hdc2 - linux swap
hdc3 - ext3 linux data (the biggest partition of all - put here all your documents, backups, music... you name it)

If you want you can use a comertial driver to use rw your ext3 partitions under windows. it's called 'Paragon Mount Everything'

This way you can change dists and format windows whenever you want without messing with boot loaders (each one should be in a different drive). I use this configuration and it has saved me lots of trouble and time!
You don't have to be sorry at all :) Just take your time!

cya Skyw4lker
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