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Monday, January 17, 2005

Red Elephant

*sigh* Exporting HTML from MS Word document isn't very good idea... had to rewrite the short-term roadmap by hand in html to be able to edit it on linux. Anyway, it should be more overviewable now.

Speaking of roads and maps ... well, actually, not speaking (nor even writing) about them - did some regress-testing on networking handling - 3 wide-spread files with hundreds sources. Found a bunch of bugs in Socket* <-> SocketWatcher relationships, which caused abnormal program termination (so not to say crashes :P). Few hours later, the networking handling seems stable - at least I couldn't make it crash in there anymore. There were several issues and race conditions in there, that should be fixed now.

Note to hydranode-cvs list subscribers - due to berlios downtime, some message(s) got lost, namely one of the sockets fix updates. We'r considering alternatives to berlios CVS, having 6+h entire site downtime (everything from web to cvs on berlios was down, only thing up was pserver cvs) isn't very nice. While SourceForge is slow, it's at least up more, and even if CVS goes down, only pserver goes down, not dev access.

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: Thanks for the DevBlogTitleGenerator(tm) - it's working great :)

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