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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Deploying new PartData

Deploying PartData in engine classes

FilesList and SharedFile classes were modified to work with the new PartData. Due to the cleaner nature of PartData v2, another ~300 lines code could be dropped overall in those two classes. PartData saving/loading works. Construction/destruction works.

Deplying PartData in ed2k module

Client::DownloadInfo class was modifying to interface with the new PartData, signficently simplifying the code there (~150-line less code than before). ED2KPacket::ReqChunks packet interface was modified to work with new PartData and new Range API.

Bottom line & state of things

The application compiles and runs again (first time in a while), however, there are still remaining few runtime problems during downloading - obviously, the new PartData needs further stabilization. Current top issue seems to be PartData::getLock() method, which seems somewhat broken - works occasionally, but breaks sometimes.

Once the overall things stabilize to a state equal-to or better-than the current CVS version (over a week old), I'll commit the new stuff to CVS. Until then... wrk wrk.

Madcat, ZzZz

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