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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Distractions ... distractions ... arghhhhh

Been a damn long day, I was supposed to go to sleep 9 hours ago already, but one thing led to another ... you know how it goes. Anyway, been damn lot of distractions and issues (from the physical world) which are hindering development. For starters, my USB mouse died; I went out and got myself a new USB mouse, and a new USB keyboard too. 5 minutes after I got home with those, the keyboard died too, leaving me with a VERY long and puzzled face. Some investigation revealed that the front-panel USB connectors of by box were connected to mobo reveresed (ground / +5v were reversed), which explains why they died...

Inbetween all that, I had to write a small port-forwarding/logging app for a friend, which turned out to become a ~180-liner, using, naturally, hydranode networking, events etc API's. This gave me a nice chance to test out the engines in completely different context, where the sockets responsiveness is very important (it's not so important inside hydranode - 0.1 sec delays at times were not noticable). Anyway, after switching the main loop to use 1ns timeouts, it became as response as one could ever want, so can say hydranode API is pretty useful, and usable for non-p2p contexts as well, which is a Good Thing.

Tomorrow I'll see if I can get the brand new fried usb keyboard replaced in warranty... if not, then I'm really unhappy. In any case, I'm telling everyone [in rl] to STOP DISTRUBRING ME, 'cos I need to work, and I can't work if everyone WANTS something from me all the damn time... :( After I get the keyboard to warranty, I hope I can shut off all distractions and dive into full dev-mode and make some real progress on the download handling now.

Madcat, zZzz

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