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Sunday, February 20, 2005

New features? No wait ... MORE bugfixes.

After having a discussion with our ProjectMaster(tm), we came to the conclusion that I could spend my entire life trying to perfect things in core, without ever getting anywhere. So - here's the new me, heading towards the land of new features and lots of bugs, so that I can actually come out with a real product some day.

Ok ok, so not new features, just another set of bugfixes ... but I'm getting there... Based on those improvements, I'v been able to run hydranode for 4-5 hour sessions, without any major problems (leaving it running overnight again to see how it goes for even longer session). If there are no more fatal bugs, we can de-feature-freeze the code finally and dive into actual new features we'v all been waiting for.

One session's log output analyzed and put into graph is viewable here.

The current open topic is ed2k clientlist, where we fail to detect duplicate sources properly, and thus during every 20 minutes, we double the sources (the new sources are received from server, and we fail to detect we already have them). The source of the bug is still unknown, but it's been around like forever. While we'r on the topic - I'v been thinking about using boost multi_index again at clientlist, since we need a damn lot of different lookups there, and some are rather tricky... based on my experience with it in partdata, think it'd simplify things a lot, however, we'v gotta be careful to not turn it into another compiler-killer - clients.cpp already takes like 7 seconds and uses 300+mb ram to compile even on high-end systems, adding multi_index lib in there would probably be the last straw that broke the camels back ...

On other news, official hydranode bugtracker (experimental) is up now, all bugs are welcome. Anonymous submitting is allowed (until someone starts abusing it ofcourse), altough registration is strongly encouraged. The url:

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: The two big testfiles - had to reset them today due to some problems. However, 7 hrs after the reset, they are both again at ~16.5% completed.

wow man , i never see an program grow too fast, you are a genius !!
i cant wait to one useful download

Thnks for you work !
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