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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Scheduler fixed; DOCS R.I.P.

Bah, I'm geting out of sync again, its 14:35 already, and I'm still awake ... ohwell.

Probably the most notable fix today was getting rid of that goddamn ssocket.h check failure, which triggered always after ~hour uptime. I was cursing and swearing every morning for past few days why on earth did hydranode crash last night just as I turned off my monitor, just as it had started gaining up some nice 60-90kb/s transfer rates ... until it stroke me - THAT's what triggers the bug - namely, hitting download speed limit. So -> quickly lowered download limit to 1kb/s, and reran it - voala - it crashed. After that, it was just hunt & destroy - apparently, we were very sure of ourselves when we wrote scheduler (yes, I'm aware I'm talking of myself in plural...), and somewhere along the lines went over the line. The bug was that when we got SOCK_READ event, we never bothered to check if we already had a DownloadReq alive. Thus, if there was, and we constructed here another one, and inserted to the relevant map, it overwrote the existing one, leaving a dangling pointer (which non-the-less was used by SchedBase, thus leading up to a crash on certain circumstances).

Other notable news was the parting of DOCS - Dynamic Object Creation System. Perhaps you remember it from the time it was originally created - sept 23 2004 blog post. Today, with a relief, we send the subsystem to it's final journey. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, may you rest in piece.

Madcat, ZzZz

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