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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Stabilization ...

The PartData::getLock() method bug got fixed (the bug actually lied inside Range API, namely, Range::erase() method). However, PartData::getRange() method (where the actual chunk-selection code, the most important part of PartData v2 lies), also seems to have some problems. So it still needs further debugging.

I merged my local code tree to CVS, since the amount of differences between CVS and my local tree started to get out of hand (hadn't commited anything in almost two weeks). Now I can get back to more regular CVS updates, and have better means of keeping track of changes.

Below is the complete list of changes merged to CVS (changes between 01/24/05 and 02/06/05):
Everything not dealing with downloading should work just as before (I hope). Downloading things works in theory, in practice, it runs into endless loops frequently during part-selection and/or chunk-locking - that's the part that needs further debugging.


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