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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Still here

As mentioned earlier, I'm doing some RL stuff that needs to be taken care of... hopefully I can get back to active development by monday. Figured I'll drop a blog post, and indicate that I'm still alive and around :)

Meanwhile, those that are having crashes with GCC 3.3 with current CVS, I could use full `gcc --version` output, as well as system configuration information (distro, RAM, CPU). This seems to be a bug in GCC 3.3 when handling very memory-intensive files (I recall hearing of similar issue about aMule compilation on some big file), so if it is the same issue, I might have to break PartData up some more to get around it. On my GCC 3.3-based test systems (slackware, gentoo), it compiles fine, so I guess those distros have incorporated the relevant patches into the compiler, while some others haven't ... or it could be my large amounts of RAM ... as said, need more info.

Madcat, ZzZz

You know you still have friend on other projects, and some have 64bits-arch and newwer gcc versions... just come aroud your friend project for some tests and help if you need, kitty ;)
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