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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Bah, how come whenever I happen around here [e.g. blog] I'm so tired that I don't feel chatty at all, so I just end up copy/pasting last cvs commits and falling to sleep? *sighs*. This probably ain't too fun to read at all ... I mean - what could be more boring than reading some tired developer's cvs commits logs ...

Well, I did fix a bunch of bugs, added command history support to hnshell (use up/down arrows for navigation)... cleaned up hydranode output, trace stuff is now disabled by default (--enable-trace configure flag to enable it - it's a major cpu hog). .. this means hydranode output is now pretty nice and clean ...

Oh, and when log messages are printed to hnshell, your typed-in command no longer disappears ... well, actually it does disappear, but it is now automagically restored to it's previous state (you shouldn't notice it ever did disappear :P).

chemical made some improvements to the statistics graphs script, however, I haven't gotten around to checking it myself yet ... was so damn busy watching TWO designers fighting over hydranode logo and web-site designs ... lots of blood and violence ... but hey - you don't argue about taste, you fight about it :P Hopefully they can come up with something real cool for the site/logo ... some ideas were really promising.

ZombieCat, ZzZz

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