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Monday, March 21, 2005

Almost done with SecIdent

Most of the SecIdent is done now; hydranode currently successfully verifies roughly 90% of secure identifications; the 10% that fail are related to hydranode internal problems regarding clients merging (during lowid callbacks), which is somewhat flacky atm.

As discussed before, Crypto++ library is the only option really we have for SecIdent - only real alternative would be openssl, but it's licence doesn't work for us (because of win32 port). So, to avoid having such big, non-standard, external dependancy, I'm using a small (16'000 sloc) extract of the library (found in aMule source tree). I looked through it, and large amount of that 16'000 can further be dropped - they are basically large, generic, tempalte-based design classes, which in our case are irrelevant, since we only use a small part of the library, so I can simply drop all the intermediate classes, and leave only the minimum amount we need.

The code isn't in CVS yet, because of the above-mentioned things, and while secident and credits stuff got a big boost today, some minor updates are also needed towards actual score-keeping and credits-calculations, as well as lots of testing.

Madcat, ZzZz

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