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Friday, March 25, 2005

Argh, lost my BlogPostTitleGenerator(tm) :(

While originally I was supposed to continue with my 0.1 release roadmap (4 entries there), today morning I discovered hydranode had crashed, and after extensive analysis, it came out that we were corrupting our main containers in ClientList. The thing is, ClientID updates were either delayed, or not properly updated at all in ClientList, which led to gradual, but definate screwup of the maps structure, which in turn led to lookups starting to fail, and all hell breaking loose. So I spent several hours tracking this thing down, debugging, and finally realized that only way to solve it finally and properly, and avoid such things in the future, is re-structure the subsystem. The re-structuring could be coupled with the ED2KFilesList idea that I'v been having for some time now - the idea is to write a wrapper API around PartData objects, which would allow us to keep track of sources-per-file (currently not possible), and thus start doing A4AF and other nifty stuff. However, that would take at least a day to fully design, plus several days of implementation time, so I think it has to be pushed past 0.1 release. With those thoughts, I headed down to the original problem again, and implemented a short-term, working solution - using signal to propagate the idchange up w/o any delays.

The current 0.1 roadmap includes 4 items:
Full list of today's patches merged to CVS:
Madcat, ZzZz

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