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Friday, March 04, 2005

MSVC support restored; moving towards UDP

Madcat begins some strange incantations...
Madcat utters the words 'raise compiler'
GCC looks around, rather silly-looking, and mutters "Hm? I'm alive already ... "
MSVC raises from the ashes, and compiles again!

After some playing around in ed2k module, I was able to locate the problem that caused MSVC to crash. Seems the issue is related to boost::multi_index const_mem_fun-based indexes. After replacing them with alternative indexes, no more crashes. The exact reason why MSVC didn't like it is yet to be determined though.

On other news, we'r moving towards UDP support. Currently, we are being dropped from ALL eMule queues after roughly a hour, so if we don't pass the queue in a hour, we lose our queue position. I'm surprised we'r downloading anything at all after 5-6 hour uptimes, but non-the-less, we need UDP. In eDonkey2000 protocol, there aren't many different UDP packets, there is total of ~5 packets in Client<->Client UDP communication, and another ~5 in Client<->Server communication, so it shouldn't take long to implement. I got lot of research and pre-work done today already, so hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

Below is the (almost) complete list of improvements done today.
Madcat, ZzZz

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