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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Some optimizations here, to keep cpu usage down ...
The CryptoPP stuff is giving me headackes ... it's currently still spitting out hundreds of warnings when enabling -W -Wall ... but luckily, we have an alternative - Botan. Fully featured, ISO C++, portable cryptographic functions library. Initial review of it showed it's exactly what we need - it's real nice, it's compact, nice API, etc ... in fact, I haven't found anything wrong with it yet ... sounds too good to be true ... but guess we'll find out soon enough.

Currently I'm trying to add --with-[module]=[builtin|module] configure options, to allow compiling modules in, or as ... modules ... or not at all - just as linux kernel modules. Ran into some disagreements with autoconf on the topic, but I'm roughly half-way done by now ... I'm not sure how scalable autoconf will be for this situation - specifying --with-[module]=builtin for ten modules and --without-[module] for another ten modules can quickly get tiresome, but I guess we'll deal with that problem once we get there. (Yes, I'v considered using linux kernel built system, and will re-consider it when we reach the amount of modules that autoconf is no longer scalable enough.)

On other news, theSilva reported successful hydranode compilation on P/100 (yes, 100mhz pentium), 64mb ram, running Slackware 9.1. The compile time was roughly 5 days, hydranode ran successfully. All hail the mighty pentium-100 ;)

For the record, chemical has been using HydraNode on his dual pentiumpro/200 for months now, and reports ~10% CPU usage with full debug/trace code enabled, so, while still needing some tweaking and optimizations, hydranode can be used on such low-end hardware.

Madcat, ZzZz

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