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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Some updates

There's been a lot of RL disturbances over the past few days, reducing the time I could spend on the code significently. However, today I finally managed to get some coding done. The one and only serious bug we have around atm is (was) the crash-on-complete bug, which I now believe is fixed, or at least we'r lot closer to finding it out.

I found a bunch of unitialized variables (inherent from recent new features) at sockets and at ED2K::Client, which should now be fixed. In addition to that, I changed the event API events queueing system slightly, to be somewhat cleaner and safer, which also should have a positive effect.

Special thanks to chemical for posting large quantities of bugreports and trace outputs about this bug to our bugtracker :)

If all goes well, and hydranode doesn't crash tonight, then we can move on to new features tomorrow, unless RL hits again - got still one issue pending that'll take some 6-8-hours to handle, not sure yet when exactly will it happen tho...

Madcat, ZzZz

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