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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Updates ....

Been mainly in bugfixing state (still :(). The build system problems are still around, altough at least it compiles (almost) cleanly again ... god I hate autotools :( Basically, at the end, I had to revert several changes, so at this point, we'r back where we started - its still not possible to link against dynamic boost libraries, and it's still not possible to build modules into core. Bah.

Other updates:
The main problem (besides the pesky build system), is the fact that for some reason, we are receiving <500kb from each client that accepts our download request, and then get disconnected. The downloadsessions average at below 500kb range ... while they SHOULD average at at leaset cpl MB's region (Mules usually disconnect you at 9500kb). So - *doh*. Probably a side-effect from the rushed-in changeId() signal stuff, altough I still do not have any proof of where the bug came from, or why is this happening. I upgraded some trace code around Client class to provide a more greppable output, in order to provide me with better overview of things in there, guess I'll analyze the 700+mb logfile in the morning.

Madcat, ZzZz

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