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Monday, April 11, 2005

Documentation upgrades (phase 1)

Been working a lot on reviewing the existing documentation. Vast majority of it was so out of date that I now call them "design sketches" and will move them to completely separate section on website, since they only have a historical value. Only things that survived the time and evolution was the very first introduction document, written during project analysis phase (summer 2004). The updated core design document survived mostly intact also, altough it still needs some upgrades.

What happens now is that I need to write some more documentation. "MORE?! Don't you have enough trouble maintaining existing ones already?" Yes, but since I'm dumping most of the existing one... besides, we currently lack a proper user manual, and a proper coding standard document.

The old coding standard document is good, but insufficient. It was taken from a (rather old) version of Linux Kernel coding standard document, and touched up with C++-related stuff. However, with some recent patches, I realized that there's a lot more that needs to be properly documented in regards to our rather strict coding standards. Those that have submitted patches to me know that I don't let patches through that don't follow coding standard to the word, but if the word is fuzzy, what are we talking about at all? So, it's rather neccesery.

User manual has even higher priority, and needs full maintaining, to keep up with software updates - outdated user manual is worse than no document at all.

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: Yes, I know the on-site docs aren't updated - I'll update them all at once when I'm done with them.

What about getting 0.1 out of the door first? Most users of 0.1 will be developers I guess, but a release helps to attract attention. Spice up developer documentation a bit (esp. module stuff), get the baby stable enough and then push it out of the door...
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