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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Early disconnects, docs updates and FTP module

After this, my net connection went down, so I couldn't work on ed2k anymore... but then I recalled someone mentioned ftp on irc last night, so I rolled up my sleeves and headed down to modules/ftp subdir. 5 hours and several cups of coffee later, I checked in ~500-line ftp module base to our svn repository. It can connect/auth properly, and I downloaded few test files using hardcoded commands, but there are some problems left open regarding connection managements / passive transfer / dirlist handling (the latter one is really crap to parse), so it needs a bit more work. For the curious - FTP module documentation, or - ftp.cpp / ftp.h source.

Speaking of documentation - I regenerated all on-site code documentation. Not much updates on the engine side, but ed2k protocol documentation has several added parts, and ed2k module in general has a ton of new stuff since last online docs update. Enjoy :)

Regarding the daily svn snapshots - I don't think they will be available, at least not at this time. The reason is I prefer updating on-site direct links when I feel the code is reasonably stable, but daily snapshots can often lead to very broken, even harmful code becoming generally available, which is not a good idea. To that end, since ed2k module is pretty stable, and heading to feature freeze today/tomorrow, I updated the onsite code tarball (last update was exactly 1 month ago apparently). Get it here.


PS: There's been some rather interesting discussion regarding HNShell's internal re-structuring. For the interested, the discussion can be found here.

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