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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Full feature freeze, future timeline

As you might have noticed, blog posts have become less "daily" recently. The reason is simple - there hasn't been much going on past few days really; been chilling, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of things. And the good news is that I like what I see. The engine, as well as ed2k module are functioning well, only needing routine maintainance. Bigger changes and improvements are being planned, but held back until their right time. The schedule timeline is staying as originally announced - 0.1 release will be done in the middle of next week. Following that, efforts will go towards user interface, which will then be released as 0.2 once it's operational. During that time, 0.1 branch will receive only bugfixes. The interface, once finished, will be released for linux and Mac OS X initially, with windows version delayed until QT4 release (announced to be released late Q2 2005). The remainder of the plugins, with Bittorrent and Ares being on top of the list, will be developed after that.

Until the 0.1 release, there will most likely be little activity, except for routine bugfixes and portability-related fixes in the codebase. As noted before, the current open issues are some build system problems (which blocks Mac port right now aswell - autoconf doesn't support .bundles really), and win32-related issues.

In other news, hydranode wiki is now online, at the request of TobiasTheCommie (also maintained by him - direct all questions/suggestions/problems regarding the wiki to him). Location:


you could perhaps try using the kde-cygwin work on qt to get a running gui for win32

i dont know how feature complete it is but it might help
Thanks, initial review showed that it might be an option, should it really come to that. But we'll see how things turn out - first we need the actual GUI itself, and that takes time.

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