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Saturday, April 30, 2005

GCC4 support, working on built-in modules support

As I suddenly discovered, Apple seems to have released XCode 2, which is based on GCC 4; and this merely a week after gcc4 was released. So I quickly rushed to install gcc4 myself, and test hydranode with it. After some fixes (related to namespaces usage), and patching boost libraries (patch used is available here), hydranode is now fully gcc-4 compatible.

Moving on, we had the issue of static builds, or, more precicely, the lack of support for them. This is due to lack of support for built-in modules (static build of core w/o modules isn't worth much), so I headed down to battle with autoconf. After 6 hours, I can report some success. It's possible to use --with-builtin=ed2k,hnsh now, which results in ed2k and hnsh modules being built into core binary. However, there are still some open issues - while I dropped some preprocessor tricks for now, we need to re-add them, since some of the init/shutdown routines break when doing dynamic builds, so the updates aren't in ths svn repository yet.

Madcat, ZzZz

hey I've just seen it's your birthday today
happy b-day then madcat :)

and congrats for the work already done
Happy birday to you !!!!!!!

Thanks for you work !
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