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Monday, April 18, 2005

More win32 stuff

Finally starting to get somewhere with the win32 port. After resolving the zlib issues (incorrect build setting), and timers (bug in 32 -> 64-bit value conversion), hydranode seems to be working - at least it's not crashing anymore. However, still more tuning and debugging is needed. Things that I'v noticed thus far is still the .met / .dat files corruption on saving, and from what I can see, uploads handling isn't working correctly either - upstream is pretty empty, despite sharing several files and having people in queue (possibly related to the bandwidth-calculator not opening up slots properly). Additionally, we still have the many-connections-lost bug mentioned earlier, which significently reduces overall performance. Oh, and then we have some random wierd freezes ... and from what I can tell, we'r running 4 (four) threads, while we'r supposed to run only two. On posix, there's pthread_manager thingie, which adds it up to 3, perhaps win32 has some similar thing, which would account for the extra threads?

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: Project files in SVN should compile/run cleanly on win32 now, zlib files are in SVN, only external dependancy is boost libraries. So anyone adventurous enough might even try compiling/running it on win32. MSVC .NET 2003 is only compiler supported right now, GCC 3.2+ support via autoconf will be added at some later time.

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