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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Hasn't been anything very interesting during past two days. Been looking over different things, doing some designing, and planning of future moves.

Towards that end, I put up a better status matrix on mainpage. The ed2k module feature freeze is a funny thing ... in reality, we' r actually missing one component from basic protocol - compressed downloads. The problem is we need streaming decompression (using zstream), but I'm not so sure I want to implement it right now, since the module is pretty nice and stable right now (and it was really crap to get it stable), so I'm not sure I want to break that so close to 0.1 release (and zstream will cause at least temporarely de-stabilization in download process). There are also other things that need to be delayed there for future - corruption is a pretty big problem (800mb lost out of 3.8gb downloaded in 12h session), so AICH is needed as soon as possible, but not right now. Right now, I'm declaring ed2k module to feature-freeze, only open for bugfixes - I know there's at least one memleak in there still open, but I can't recall any open crashes anymore at this time.

The other open topics right now is better logging handling (required by shell) - discussed in depth at tracker issue #49, and better shell handling (also discussed at tracker issue #49). For that reason I also implemented ftp module few days ago (still not complete tho) - to test out the shell module in a slightly more demanding and different context as our current contexts (and franky, it was very refreshing to get out of the usual "wake-up-fix-ed2k-fix-core-sleep" loop, and implement something new and interesting for a change.

Since both ftp and http initial implementations are rather simple, and also make some additonal demands to shell code (which is being restructured right now), I can easily push them into 0.1 release (altough if they don't make it, it's not an issue). But shell updates (most importantly full tab-completition support), as well as log updates are requirements for 0.1.

Madcat, ZzZz

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