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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Win32 updates

Been working out win32 issues, because 0.1 release shall include win32 binaries also (true, command-line only...). While the core is stable on linux, I want win32 binaries in 0.1, because shortly after 0.1 release (perhaps after cpl days relaxing time), we'll be diving into full-time interface development, with win32 as primary target.

The problem is, software that's ported from one platform to other is quickly noticable - it's pretty obvious for most cross-platform software which platform it was originally written on, and which it was ported to - the ported platform's support is never as good. But this isn't what we can afford with hydranode, and this is definately what we can afford on win32 port, which is the most important one.

And I will not release with our current website, it's completely out of the question. New website is being worked on, and will be launched along with 0.1 release. If all goes according to plans, it should happen around middle of next week.

The current open bugs on win32 are server.met corrupting (random places) on shutdown, and stack corruption somewhere in zlib compression routines. Also, there seemed to be some issues regarding connecting to many clients at very short interval - on linux/mac, I could easily open up hundreds of connections in a few moments, but on win32, something seems to go seriously wrong, and all connections end up failing. We'll see if "max connections per 5 seconds" limit will help any...


Regarding the connection failing on win32: Do you experienced that on a WindowsXP with SP2? SP2 has an integrated connection/sec limiter, which should prevent fast distribution of worms/virusses and stuff. There are some ways to stop this behaviour:

Nevertheless, the connection/sec limit should be done anyway in the core. It isn't really balanced to open 300 connections at once and wait then..

Yes, it's SP2, but it's with the hack that fixes the limit.

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