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Monday, May 02, 2005

built-in modules support

Now it's possible to compile modules into the final binary using --with-builtin=mod1,mod2,mod3 configure flag. Static builds theoretically should work too, by configuring with --enable-static, and running `make static` in src/ dir, but then again, there seems to be some bug left in there that breaks it.

Anyway, it feels kinda stupid ... first I go through all this trouble to build a completely dynamic, modular piece of software, and then, in order to ship it on Linux, a platform which is oh-so-dynamic and oh-so-modular, and where people love modular stuff, I have to create static, non-modular binary, since people insist on using 5-year-old versions of Linux on 10-years-old hardware, where there aren't modern compilers available, and where hydranode compilation can take hours. Where's the logic in that? :(

Madcat, ZzZz

the logic is putting hydranode on the linux router machine and not having to use port forwarding.

also it saves installing the boost libraries ( which are not small ).

the same thing is done in mldonkey ( the default install also downloads and installs ocmal in the install dir to save installing ocmal ) most people dont like exotic stuff installed "just for ..." ( like ocmal and wxwidgets both large and ugly )

not everybody needs it but its nice to have
I need static builds too.
Many machines I want run HN have no c++ compiler installed.
I don't care about the size of the binary as long I can just download and run.
people using static builds on weak machines might also use network storage so testing that might be a good idea too as it behaves in a different way
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