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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Developers communication medium thoughts

There are several people working on different Hydranode-related things already - I know at least three people writing new plugins for Hydranode, one person writing an interface and one doing black magic. All this leads me to believe that a central communication medium is neccesery to co-ordinate the efforts.

Experience has shown that neither forums, nor IRC are viable communication platforms. Forums tend to fall more towards user-support area, and IRC, as a real-time communication medium, is simply too time-consuming (and many people don't like IRC at all).

So here's the question - what would be the preferred central, developer-oriented communication medium for discussion? Maybe I'm wrong and people/devs do prefer forums, but judging from other projects, it seems mailing-lists are more favoured. Another alternative would be newsgroup, which has the advantage of better threading support...

What say you?


You really should give trac a chance :-)

Trac looks like a nice dev-center but the communication wouldn't change much I guess.
A newsgroup seems to be pretty interesting, would it be possible to access it without buying usenet access somewhere?

I say host a newsgroup within hydranode as a plugin. Protocol - no more than what nntp, would be enough for small group of users. How do they say "make your own bread and eat it too" or something similar...
Wasn't this question better off as a forum thread? ;)

i prefer to forum,becouse i see what you writed or talking about.
Newsgroup! newsgroups are the best for this sort of thing, its what they are designed for. Also nntp is much better than forums because there's less data to be transfered when you get new messages (ie. faster to load), plus you can have your newsreader set up however you like. If people are unfamiliar with news, they should install Thunderbird which makes it as simple as email.
If you run a HN nntp server it would be even better, as it would eliminate the problems of people needing access to an news service, and also eliminates the occasional problems between ISPs which prevents some people from posting or seeing messages posted from a particular ISP etc.
A forum that can be subscribed to with via mailing list, and is also mirrored via newsgroup access. Hmm.
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