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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Final preparations...

Seems I missed whole three days of blog posts. Sorry about that. I suddenly realized that the new site that we spent so much time working on won't be launchable on 15th due to various reasons. While the site itself could be launched, I believe it needs a bit more finalizing and artwork, and that the project itself isn't ready for such a site yet. But I didn't want to release 0.1 w/o having a bit more decent site than what we have up right now, so I rolled up my sleeves and quickly cooked up a simple, lightweight site, which will remain until the full site is finished. This took two nights to complete, e.g. wednesday and thursday nights.

Tonight I was making release binaries for all target platforms, with minor touchups here and there. I guess the most important "touchup" was command-line arguments support (using boost::program_options library ofcourse). Arguments of interest might be --background (detatches the process from current tty, backgrounding it), and --disable-status, which disables that status-bar (might be useful for slower computers).

Anyway, now I have binaries for windows, linux (dynamic + static) and mac (*duh*, compiling release binaries on my G3/400 took 2h18min), so everything is ready on that side. Tomorrow, at around 2-3am, when there's least traffic on the site, I'll be doing the site upgrades, during which the site will be either completely down or at least completely unusable.

Madcat, ZzZz

Cool - I'm sooo excited for the 0.1 release. Haven't checked the source out since you moved to SVN but now prepare for a user that will have many questions about why you did this and that the way you did it! :)
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