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Sunday, May 15, 2005

HydraEngine 0.1.0 launched; a look into the future

As you probably noticed, 0.1.0 was released today, along with this brand new website. Special thanks go to our designer Joakim Kuusemaa for the amazing work on the logo and identity concepts.

Today is another important day. Namely, today, exactly one year ago, Hydranode project was born. In a way, all pieces are falling to their right places - all those delays in the release, all the delays related to the website, and logo - it is clear to me know that they weren't supposed to be finished before - they had to be finished exactly at the right time. The site was developed in two nights earlier this week, the logo concept was fully finalized yesterday, and I was still doing hotfixes in the code 12 hours ago. But in the end, everything went well, and it's finally done.

But enough of the past, today is one of the few days that I can honestly talk about the future - as we have a special occasion today here. So, here goes.

The future holds two important branches. On one hand, we'r moving towards the real multi-network downloads, which have been talked about, and promised since the very beginning. To be concrete, the Bittorrent plugin is under development, and will see heavy development over the coming weeks/months. On the other hand, we are also moving towards graphical user interfaces, which is currently blocked due to lacking Core/GUI communication module. As such, the second line of development effort will go towards finalizing the Core/GUI communication module, and writing initial GUI proof-of-concepts.

While doing that, our designer is already working on initial sketches and design of the mini-interface, which will be a small, compact, yet fully functional interface. This is a lead-in for the full user interface, which will most likely use some components from the mini-interface, but will take longer to fully design and develop, and is thus planned for later.

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: You might be interested in this interview on RP2P :)

Great, hope you guys do well. Hope everything goes as planned and will wait for the GUI. By the way, I reached your site thanks to the RP2P article.
i hope auto download and compile script for boost will be added as boost isnt very to build if you compile from source and no help about compiling boost is included in the documentation
There's no need to compile Boost separately. Unpacking Boost library source tree to your home dir (or a custom dir, if you specify --with-boost-path to configure) is sufficient - Hydranode takes the neccesery library sources from the location and compiles them straight in.

I'll add this to some docs section later on, thanks for pointing this out (I assumed the big WARNINGS after configure would be sufficient, but seems I was wrong).

instead of --with-boost-path description "Location to boost library"
try "Location of boost library source"
that will be much clearer
thank you for this great release! ;)
Wish you all the best there is. I just got into the program and love it, though is the first time I've used anything like this, I love it.
Thank You for your work.
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