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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Progress @ Core/GUI comm land

While yesterday I was working on bittorrent-related things, today it turned out to be Core/GUI-communication-related day instead. In the end, it doesn't really matter in which order everything is done, since there's so much to do, and all needs to be done anyway, so ...

I reviewed Hydranode Core/GUI Communication Protocol v1 RFC, (written ~6 months ago), and found a ton of crap in there, but some valid points, so v2 of the RFC will be put up shortly, based on v1, but heavily modified and simplified. Special thanks for Xaignar in helping in the review process.

I also set up the base layout for cgcomm module in core, which will perform, as the name says, core/gui communication. At this time only in a 500-line sketch state, the base layout evolves around Client object, which generates a map of SubSystem type objects, to which actual work is directed as needed. For example, when top-level parser (in Client class) detects a search-related packet, it forwards it to Subsystem::Search class, which performs additional parsing, handling and responding as neccesery. This design is somewhat similar to what we have in ed2k module (Client extensions), but with the difference that the Subsystems do ALL of the work, while in ed2k module, the majority of work was still handled by Client class, and only very specific/complex operations were directed to helper-objects.

Madcat, ZzZz

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