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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Release time again

There's been enough fixes since the 0.1.0 release (mainly related to win32 support, but many also affected linux/mac ports), so it's time to release 0.1.1.

The key improvements are, as mentioned, largely improved Win32 port. To summarize:
The binaries are fully packaged, and uploaded to SourceForge, but just as I went to actually create the release, SF went down for maintainance, so the release is delayed until tomorrow.

On a sidenote, Solaris x86 port is also finished, but not included in this release, since Crypto++ library code (that ed2k module uses) broke when optimizations were turned on, so I had to drop it from this release.

Seems the most time-consuming part of making a release is OSX port - it takes over 2.5 hours to compile release binaries on my little G3/400, and if something goes wrong... so here's a call - any Mac users interested in becoming official Hydranode packager for OSX?

Madcat, ZzZz

If you are still looking for a dedicated OS X release packager let me know. I have a Dual G5 here that works wonders.

jolix {at} mac {dot} com
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