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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Back from vacation

Returned from vacation yesterday, and been setting up my hardware (which was lent out while I was away) since then. Main box is back up, support systems are still down, lacking some components (which should arrive in 1-2 week time), so development is somewhat complicated during that time (mainly affects linux port). However, since the current work is on Core/GUI comm, it shouldn't have any big effect on development, since the development happens on win32 mainly anyway.

On the GUI side, everything seems to be going as planned, QT4 RC was releasd on June 10th, and they'r promising QT4 final (GPL'ed on all platforms) at the end of june, as scheduled.

On the web-interface idea, it's still a bit open. I had some rather cool ideas for it, but some of them would require stuff on hydranode server (mainly for ease-of-use and remote-controlling), so they might be dropped if it would put too much load on server. These questions shall be discussed and resolved over the next few days.


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