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Saturday, June 25, 2005

DownloadList over Core/GUI comm

Had to do several re-organizations in lib_cgcomm test-suite to be able to scale the test-suite well. Some files are now shared between multiple test-apps, and EngineComm class was generalized (the class that deals with networking - not part of lib_cgcomm) into re-usable class.

The second test-app in the lib_cgcomm test-suite is test-download, which - naturally - displays downloadlist, and allows testing related functionality. Today I finally got the protocol stuff, as well as the lib_cgcomm side working properly - here's a screenshot.

It definately needs more work, not all data is transmitted yet, and operations cannot be performed yet (in test-search, you can start downloads from search results for example).

The main problems in all this is that I'd like to re-use a lot of Hydranode code in lib_cgcomm, and from that, also in GUI. lib_cgcomm is implemented using same things as the Engine, e.g. Boost libs and STL only, but it doesn't do any networking, and doesn't do any events (all notifications are done via boost::function callbacks). As such, it's pretty standalone, so the choice of Engine code brought into it must be done carefully. For one thing, I'd like to bring in range.h and rangelist.h for range management - those are standalone headers, and the API is generic enough.


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