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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Introducing Hydranode DevCenter

Not many people know that we had online SVN repository browser, bugtracker as well as wiki prior to 0.1 release and the new site launch. However, the old repobrowser, bugtracker and wiki did not live up to the quality required by the new site, so I never added links to them on the site.

Instead, chemical made an interesting discovery some weeks ago - Trac CMS, which provides tracker ('ticket system' in trac terminology), svn repo browser, as well as wiki engine. It was originally mentioned about a week ago, but due to some delays, came online early today (3am). Since then I'v been setting it up further, adding content etc, so now I present you:

Hydranode Development Center

My personal favourites: Detailed timeline of all updates, nicely-formatted checkin diffs, and oh-so-good ticket system, which nicely integrates with roadmap, versions handling etc.

Enjoy :)


PS: About the communication-topic discussed last night - note taken, a newsgroup/mailinglist will be set up soon.
PPS: I also resurrected the old blog archive (May 15, 2004 to Nov 30 2004), which is now viewable as read-only archive for those interested in the early months of Hydranode development.

Is it possible to register an account somewhere?

No it isnt. But i can create you one. Mail me to and i will set you up.

Simon Moon
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