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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Performance and stability testing on Windows platform

As you'r aware, the Windows port of Hydranode is the one needing most of the work and testing right now. So what's going on right now is long-time testing of Hydranode and it's performance on Windows platform, trying to iron out the remaining bugs and improve the performance where needed.

There are some things that seem to block the main thread at times, for example MetaDb saving can take up to 30 seconds on slow hardware, so optimizations need to be made there. Other thing is temp file allocation, which needs to be moved to WorkThread, since on Windows, allocating the new file takes time (different from Linux, where it's almost instant). This and other Windows-port-related things are the current active topics of development.

Madcat, ZzZz

Am I the only person seeing a fucked up blog lately? (the contents of the top article is at the buttom of the google ad...) so annoying... Happens in both IE6-SP2 and Firefox-trunk...
Blogs looks as always, using Firefox (with Adblock, I've blocked big Ad-Servers, etc.) and NIS2004.
dani, I guess Adblock blocks the google ad... that's why... on both browsers it looks messed up (I have to scroll down the google ad to get to any of the text.. :/
it's the same for me, on konqueror (kde 3.4.1).
For me it is fucked up, too.
Seems the blogger people changed some code there. Sadly, the changes are outside the scope of the blog template, which I could modify, so I had to make a workaround. Should be partially fixed now (altough the right-bar isn't properly floating on the right still).

yep, looks better!
Much much better. Thanks! :-)
Another suggestion. The Google adds now hide the ending of the first comments.
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