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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back again

Sorry for some missing blog posts, there were some real-life things that needed to be taken care of; but I'm back now.

So today, I went over the current pending bugreports in DevCenter, and managed to fix up 4 of them. In addition, cyberz (while implementing DNS resolution API for Hydranode) discovered a rather bad bug in sockets, where "highest" socket number wasn't updated by UDP sockets, so sometimes, UDP sockets weren't properly polled. smiith has been doing some testing of Hydranode on Solaris/Sparc, with nice progress - most things work, but it segfaults in Hello packet parser right now (ed2k module).

The bugs that were closed today were:
There's also a new configure option [on posix platforms], --enable-hexdumps, which enables ALL hexdumps from eDonkey module, should you be interested in the packets contents (helps in debugging endianess, for example). Developer note: per-packet hexdumps can be enabled by hand from packets.cpp anyway, this is just a shortcut to enable all at once.

Madcat, ZzZz

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