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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Config Subsystem upgrades: CGComm support, and runtime updates

Been a nice and progressive night, with nearly 900 lines of new code; while the main target of this patchset was new features, some bugs got accidentally killed along the way as well.
In english, this means that you can now do 'config set UpSpeedLimit 10240' from either hnshell or Console, and everything happens as one would expect - within 100-1000ms timeframe, the real speed is adjusted to the new level.

ConnectionLimit changing is somewhat more tricky - if you lower ConnectionLimit below the current open connections count, existing connections are kept open, but new connections aren't accepted until the real ConnectionCount drops below the limit again - this means it might take longer time to completely adjust to the new limit - while speed limits adjust almost instantly, this one can take rather long time to adjust; however, I do not think instantly dropping bunch of random existing connections would be such a good idea either ...

Madcat, ZzZz

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