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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

E-mail notifications and guarding.p2p ipfilter support

Was busy in the morning with some real-life things that needed my attention, and had a long interface-related discussion with our designer in the evening, which left little time for spitting out code. None-the-less, some minor (?) updates:
The email notifier plugin (not compiled by default) is configured from the global config.ini, with the following values:


Pretty straight-forward, however, as you probably noticed, we need to use the IP address of the mailserver currently, since we lack DNS query support. cyberz is working on DNS queries support, and I'v seen initial patch for that (really cool code, can't wait to integrate it :)), but he said it's not ready for integration, and now he's on vacation for a month, so guess that'll have to wait a bit.

In the future, the mailnotifier plugin will support notifications on all kinds of user-defined events, with user-defined message formats/templates.

One might argue that the mailnotifier is useless, and I tend to agree, however, it was requested by Tobias, and since it was a small plugin (215 lines total), I figured I'll just throw it together and be done with it. And due to the modular architecture of hydranode, more plugins != more bloat, so no losses.

Madcat, ZzZz

where are the bittorrent module and mldonkey import tickets in the Development Center?
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