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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hm... upgrades

There has been nearly 60 repository checkins during past few days; I'll try to summarize it now before falling off my chair :)

Most importantly, the new build system was deployed. Converting the BBv1-based Jamfiles to BBv2 only took some 5 hours, and it's very nice and clean now. Currently it has been tested and builds cleanly on Windows/msvc, Windows/mingw and Linux/gcc. Note: there is a small issue open on win32 builds - library paths aren't hardcoded, so manually moving *.dll from lib/ to top-dir is needed; this will be addressed shortly. I'm aware it currently fails on darwin, this will be looked into shortly as well.

All in all, I believe this was the right choice - dumping GNU auto-tools and going for Boost.Build - it's much more manageable and scalable, and it should be easier for end-user (whether a person compiling a piece of software can be considered an end-user is a different question) to handle. The compilation instructions page on wiki got lot shorter as well.

Other miscellaneus changes/fixes that were done during past few days:

Madcat, ZzZz

is there progress regarding the BT modules and mldonkey import?
I'm wondering when you will release the next complete version. There are many changes since the last one.
MLDonkey files import isn't currently in plans, eMule formats import was more important.

As for release, the release will be done when there are significent improvements in features, current upgrades are not sufficient from my view to qualify as new release.

The current next release plans is either with GUI, or with BT module, depending on which we get to implement first (GUI depends on how fast our designer can get the design finished).

If we're voting I vote for completion of Core-GUI communication protocol&libraries. If one were to code a GUI (for fun or profit) one needs a reference implementation and the docs are not enough at this stage.
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