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Sunday, July 17, 2005

New build system: It compiles!

The good news is that the entire Hydranode (4 libraries, 8 plugins and 1 executable) compile cleanly on MSVC, Mingw and linux/gcc now, using the new build system.

The bad news is that I think I discovered a bug in Boost.Filesystem - when compiled with mingw, some paths get broken. This needs bit deeper investigation and a test-app...

Porting this new build system to also work on mac will take a long time, considering some 50-min recompile times on my mac (and you do a LOT of full recompiles when debugging build system), so that's bit of a problem ....

Anyway, this completes phase 1 of the build system upgrade - get-to-know-chit-chat with Boost.Build and the Jam language. The Jamfiles are a rather big mess right now, since I had no prior experience with BB, so one rewrite of all the Jamfiles (using the knowledge gained from first run) is scheduled - this time writing directly to BBv2 syntax, which should be bit simpler as well.

Build configurations need bit working, need to figure out a bunch of command-line args to configure the build (e.g. how to build plugins, which ones to built-in, how to build static binaries, how to build documentation, how to build release tarballs et al) ...

Madcat, ZzZz

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