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Monday, July 25, 2005

Progress on GUI design

Past few days have been rather interesting - we'r getting close to finalizing the user interface design. I cannot disclose any design screenshots at this time, but we'v solved large amounts of problems, including dropping several rather tricky-to-implement, but as it turned out, un-necessary features from the design. It shouldn't take long now before I can jump to implementing this thing.

What I can say at this time though, is that basically we'll have a Launcher application (also previously mentioned some months ago in blog posts), that will launch the core as child process, and then bring up user interface as well as child process; which user interface is brought up is determined by command-line arguments. Since the Launcher will be run from a desktop icon, we can, for example, create different icons for different user interfaces, should there be need for this. The Launcher itself will take care of initial startup, splash-screen, but will have no visible windows once the GUI is launched. If the GUI is not launched directly from Launcher (background-mode, for example), the launcher can (optionally) display a tray icon. The launcher will also provide access to a console window of core output, along with an input box for entering commands (technically equivalent to current Hydranode Shell module, except this one would work over Core/GUI communication (hence much more powerful)).

Since the Launcher will have both Core and GUI running as sub-processes, it can monitor the process's state's, and re-start either of them should they crash - while we do not plan on having either of them crashing, in real-world, software still does crash sometimes, so it's nice to have some automated thing behind it, that can, for example, provide automatic bug-data collection for submitting to bugtracker's.

Madcat, ZzZz

You might want to have a look at this. Those guys know their designs. Highly interesting read for the gui development. Of course the rest of the page as well.
This sounds very interesting, especially that GUI/Core will be restarted automaticaly when it crashes. Can't wait to test it. :)
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