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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Progress with Console

Improved - now with toolbar and basic lists.

Just playing around with ideas ... in any case, we have Core/GUI comm support in console now (thanks to libcgcomm it's easy to add Core/GUI comm support to any C++ app). I'm not yet sure what to do with the toolbar idea, two lines is obviously too much, and the buttons need some improvements ...

Oh and btw, I set a release date for 0.1.2, to Aug 10th. Refer to 0.1.2 Roadmap page to see what needs to be done for that. Most important requirements are upgrade to Boost 1.33 (will be released on Aug 4th), and finalizing the console. Async DNS support is bit questionable, but I'm hoping it can be finished and tested for that time.

Anyway, it's 7am, been nice 12h+ dev-session, so -> off to sleep.

Madcat, ZzZz

Maybe if the actual GUI has different screens like "search", "transfers", "servers" like emule does, you could have the console on one of these pages, and it could also double as an event log?
Maybe ... altough I'm not convinced that putting a console into GUI is such a good idea ... but we'll see about that.

This specific console is meant to be standalone (altough nothing stops one from integrating it into another GUI). I'm still pondering how much functionality I dare to add to this console - e.g. GUI-wise... it'll have full command-set support, including full Core/GUI comm protocol feature set, but the visual controls side is still bit flacky right now - I don't want it to become some bloated console on steroids ...

On second thought, this console will be running in the background no matter what - since this is the launcher, which keeps track of core, gui and other processes; as such, it can sit as tray-icon, hidden, and accessible at any moment, which means we do not need a console in GUI anymore.

What's about having one trayicon for Hydranode. When you right-click it you get three options: Core, Console and GUI.
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