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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Search results sorting; eMule downloads importing

Been a fairly interesting 18-hour dev-session, with updates in various areas. So, without further delay, he's the listing:
Importing code still needs some work, while it already does it's job, I believe we can take this a lot further. For one thing, I'd like to update the .met files as we progress with the downloads, so the files can be easily imported back to eMule (currently hydranode-downloaded data would be lost, since eMule won't know more data has been downloaded). Additionally, full rehash of the file can be avoided as well, as soon as I figure out the gap-system eMule uses to write completed-ranges to the .met file.

Regarding the possible bug I mentioned in last blog post, seems it was a ghost-bug - when I woke up next morning, it didn't appear anymore, and right now everything seems to work properly, so I'd blame either my broken windows installation, or my ISP.

Oh, and to explain the missing blog posts since 8th - I spent several days re-installing my boxes; for a while there I thought my vidcard had died, but it's Ati's bad drivers to blame again ... anyway, testing the damn vidcard on multiple boxes and multiple drivers, along with like 6 re-installs took quite some time, but now everything seems to be working properly again.

Madcat, ZzZz

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