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Saturday, August 20, 2005

BTParser proof-of-concept finished

Today I finally managed to finish the .torrent file parser. You can see the implementation here. This small <200-liner requires 260mb memory during compilation, but results in 65k binary in release build - behold the power of C++ templates :)

Anyway, this brings us to the second stage of BT plugin - data structures. Naturally, this calls for proper design of the module before moving on. While we do have an initial RFC on the topic, that's not sufficient, because many topics are still open - internal BT module data structures for one thing, and some generic questions, a'la how/where do we store the .torrent info, considering the amount of data needing being stored, as well as the non-file-specific nature of the data (metadb tends to operate on files, while .torrent operates on a group of files). "Virtual" files, as described in the RFC, are most likely the solution, but it needs some thought before jumping to implementation.

Madcat, ZzZz

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