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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First bytes downloaded with BT module

Bah, I had already forgotten how much time it takes to write a new module for Hydranode - let's face it, it's been a while since I started a new network module. IIRC, the previous one was FTP, and I only spent one night on it (got data structures up, but got stuck at some parsing stuff). FTP module can be finished w/o issues now, as we have the power of Boost.Spirit around, which is ideal for that parsing (actually it's been bugging me ever since I learned Boost.Spirit - how perfect it is for the FTP module parsing problem

Anyway, it took two weeks to get BT module to the state where it is now - that is, downloading the first bytes. Let me rephrase that: I just downloaded the first bytes using BT plugin. Proof? Here's a trace log. Okey okey, not a big thing, but a milestone non-the-less. For the record, that's a free, creative-commons-licenced mp3 collection.

So, two weeks of work to get this far? But on the other hand, look what the time has been spent on:
Right now, BT module code is ~2700 lines of code. As comparison, eDonkey module is 12'600 lines of code. I estimate BT module to top at around 5000-7000 lines of code, maybe more with trackerless implementations. So - in 2-3 more weeks, and we should have a working BT module...

Anyway, as an observant reader might'v noticed, the bytes downloaded were 3x 9 bytes from 3 different chunks. Not very fancy - seems PartData chunk/lock-selector isn't doing it's job right. But not to worry, Madcat has a plan. More on this tomorrow :)

Madcat, ZzZz

PS: The module code is now properly documented; view it, as usual, in the DevCenter SVN browser.


uint32_t getChunkCnt() const { return m_hashes.getChunkCnt(); }

uint32_t getChunkCnt() const { return m_hashes.size(); }
Currently hydranode has five p2p modules: bt, ed2k, http, ftp, dc, but only one fully works! You should finish ftp after you finish bt. dc and http also not ready.
i've been watching this site for a while now, this is first time i post tho. it's just great to watch you progressing. keep up good work!
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