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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nearing the release

Uh oh, no blog post for 4 days ... what's happening? Is madcat gone? Is there no progress to mention? These, and other similar questions might cross reguar blog-readers minds. Nothing could be farther from the truth though - as anyone can see from the timeline page in DevCenter, development activity is normal as usual. However, I'm bit tired of writing blog posts every night (they get rather boring after a while), so I'm doing longer, but more informative posts at few-days intervals nowadays. Anyway, the updates listing, compacted and re-formatted for your viewing pleasure:
Today's snapshot r1685: Windows Linux Source

So, where are we? The release is supposed to happen in 4 days, Boost 1.33 release was supposed to be 2 days ago but they seem to be behind schedule. Since Boost 1.33 is a requirement for this release, this will most likely mean our release will slip as well. However, on the bright side, looking at ticket browser, we can see that we have 4 tickets open for 0.1.2, and 3 for 0.2.0, with one ticket overlapping (CGComm library is required by #43 and #2).

#8 is basically done, #44 as well, #45 is dependant on Boost release, which basically only leaves three things to do before release: extend libcgcomm, global searching, and use WorkThread for allocating disk space in PartData; all three of them are easy to implement. So basically, we'r looking real good already - there aren't any major bugs open to my knowledge, and we only need three easy-to-implement features for release :). And from the looks of it, it won't be 0.1.2 that gets out of the door, it'll be 0.2.0 :)

Madcat, ZzZz

Will HydraLoad work with eD2K-Links too?
It already works with all types of links.
It doesnt seem to work with image-links (eg images that are links)
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