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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

BT improvements - downloading/hashing works now.

Due to an IPV4Address class API change few days ago (endianess setting for ip field was changed), things broke in ed2k module (as was expected), so yesterday went to debugging and testing ed2k plugin against that change. From what I can tell, everything's operational again.

Today was a rather interesting and progressive day. It started with cyberz's patch, adding Utils::timedCallback() method, which can be used to do standalone timed callbacks (formerly, an event table was needed to do this). In Hydranode shell module, trace command was updated to be more informative and less confusing (thanks to chemical for pointing this out). Following that, there's a number of BT-related patches:
As a result, BT downloading (using the bget utility) works rather well - I was able to complete three out of ~12 mp3z in the test torrent file. There seems to be some kind of +1-offset problem, on some conditions Locks are given at +1 offset from UsedRange beginning (and also seems they sometimes end at -1 offset from the end of the parent UsedRange), which causes 2-byte gaps near the end of the download.

Madcat, ZzZz

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